Institute for rational addiction policies

Institute for rational addiction policies

Who We Are

Institute for rational addiction policies is a multidisciplinary association of independent and prominent experts who address the issue of addiction from all angles - public and individual health, legislation and other legal implications, including security challenges, and economics including market modeling, tax, economic impacts on public budgets, the field of education and prevention, and finally also the fields of social and sociological and political science.

News and opinions

Open letter to the members of the Parliament of the Czech Republic on psychomodulating substances


A change that was adopted during the discussion of the comprehensive amendment to the Psychomodulants Act, namely the change of responsibility from the Office of the Government to the Ministry of Health, is problematic.

Memorandum in the context of the European Parliament’s elections for 2024 – 2029


Czechia as the model for the EU: The document, which defines the challenges, opportunities and proposed solutions for a rational addiction policy, was adopted in the framework of a roundtable on non-partisan recommendations for action in on substance regulation for candidates in the European Parliament elections.

Warning to patients and the public about the risks of synthetic cannabinoids


The Czech Republic is currently experiencing rapid changes in the availability of various molecules belonging to the cannabinoid group and the associated risks to human health. It is essential that the public understands the very different health risks of each group of cannabinoids and is able to navigate the fundamental differences in the effects and severity of health risks between natural and artificial (synthetic) cannabinoids.

About Us


Think Tank aims to influence public opinion and thereby model political attitudes, to influence strategic documents of a political and professional nature, including the professionally correct setting of legislation, on the other hand to influence strong industry to adopt basic ethical standards. The Rational Addiction Policy Think Tank has the ambition to influence policy at the national level of the Czech Republic, as well as international policy.

In the international context, the Rational Addiction Policy Think Tank wants to primarily focus on the institutions of the EC and the EU Parliament, but will also be active at the level of the Pompidou Group, the United Nations, large multinational non-governmental institutions and civil company.


The Rational Addiction Policy Think Tank will prepare professional and independent analyzes and studies, prepare independent proposals for legislation, or proposals for specific politically and strategically oriented proposals for further preventive measures. Based on the outputs, it will organize round tables, expert seminars, including seminars in the parliamentary environment, the EC environment, possibly the UN, the professional field and the non-governmental sector. Through partner institutions and individual experts from among experts (professional companies, non-governmental sector, chamber of commerce, other professional and political Think Tanks and recognized personalities from all relevant fields) will influence the creation of strategic documents at all political and professional levels.

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